Nigerian Scam Schemes
This one [claiming to be] from refugee camp in Ghana
for a paltry Ten million dollars -- but I guess for refugee this is real money.

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I am sending you this email with the spirit of happiness and with great amount of trust.

My name is Melvin Clark, from Liberia . I am the eldest son of the late Captain Gordon Clark, the former Director, Ministry of Mining and Solid Mineral, Liberia .

I am now in Ghana as a refugee in the Ghana refugee camp. Please, I want to confide on you to help me solve this problem, which I have. My late father deposited a consignment with a security & finance company before the war in my country, and when the fight was ablaze, my parent was shot dead by the rebels and I and my sister escaped to exile by the assistant of The United Nations peace keeping soldiers and we were brought to Ghana to seek asylum under Ghana Government.

I have presently the sum of $10million dollars with a private diplomatic agent in Manila -Philipines and due to my age i will not be able to handle this huge amount of money and so i want you to stand in as our Guardian and make cliam of the consignment box for us and then we can come to Join you in your country .

If you are ready to assist us kindly forward your complete details across to me so i can forward the entire original documents to you and my identification for you to know this is real and then you can contact the private diplomat in Manila and then delivery can be made to you and we can come to join you for a new life.

1. Your complete name
2 .Nationality
3 .Age
5 .Direct Telephone /Fax Number.

I am sending this email from a public cafe, I cannot say everything here for confidential reason.

Thank you and looking forward with hope of your help.

Yours truly,

Melvin Clark.