Nigerian Scam Schemes
This one is not from Nigeria but from Hong Kong, China. I'm begining to feel that the Nigerians have gone international, first all over Africa, then Asia. Europe and the Americas must be next, or at least South America anyway.

From: "Mr.Sung Lee"
Subject: Good Day,


Good Day,

Let me start by introducing myself,Mr.Sung Lee,credit officer of the Dah Sing Bank Ltd.

I do insist in your confidence in this transaction. I am making this contact with you, based on reliable information available to me courtesy of internet business index and confirmed by my local chambers of commerce and industry concerning your reputation.Thus I am convinced you would be capable to provide me with a solution to a money transfer transaction of Forty Three Million, Six Hundred Thousand United State Dollars. This is to seek your cooperation as my foreign partner and your assistance to enable me own a property and invest in the stable economy of your country. Accept my apologies if this mail does not suit your personal or business ethics.

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All other information to facilitate the remittance of the funds will be revealed to you in due course. For your assistance, you shall receive 25% of the funds to be transferred and 10% will be set aside for all expenses incurred by both parties. I will appreciate if you can reply me on my personal Email:

Kindly delete this e-mail if it does not suit your personal or business ethics, as I will gladly appreciate.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Sung Lee

Now Mr. Sung, why would you think that your fantastic offer would not interest me. I am very interested!