Nigerian Scam Schemes
This one is not from Nigeria nor even from West Africa, not even the African continent. We're into Asia, but West Asia, not Hong Kong, not China and not Cambodia. We're in the Emirates, Dubai to be specific. But the email comes from a German domain. Or perhaps it really was sent by a Nigerian living in Germany. And a London, England snail mail address. These scams are getting so international that they are hard to trace. Let's keep it simple and let me fly to the Cayman Island and let me surf the waves on the island's beaches while I'm waiting for the bankers to arrange all my fortune of money.

Subject: Re:Investment Interest From Dubai Emirates Investors.

DUBAI Emirates Foreign Investment Representative Office:
7st Floor, 125 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5EA, UK
P.O.Box, 40741


In correspondence with the Adverts on possible investment opportunities; the Dubai Trade and Investment Commission has been at the forefront of forging a close and dynamic Business relationship with your Country. Our achievements over the past seven decades have been spectacular, and we look to the future with great hope and expectation.

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Since 1997,the Committee for International Trade, Council of Dubai Chambers of Commerce and Industry Suite 611, 5th Floor, Twin Towers, Beniyas Road, Deira, Dubai, UAE. Has embarked upon the bringing of our Dubai businessmen and Investors into close working relationship and partnership with the business community in your country. This we do from the office of the "Dubai Emirates General Investment Authority (DEGIA) office in London.

The Objective of this Letter is to inform you that we have a group of Dubai Investors who want to invest in your country, and are looking for Individuals and companies to partner them in this regard.

They want to bring funds for investment in the areas of Health care Project, Shares and Stock Purchase, Investment in Information Technology, Real estate, Biotechnology Industry, Telecommunication, Crude Oil, Aviation and Environmental Project.

The Dubai Emirates Investment office is providing the clearing house for this venture and if you are interested and you have good business plans, Kindly contacts us for further discussions.

Kind Regards

Muzanni Bin Kaamil.
Public Administrant