Nigerian Scam Schemes
This appears not to be Nigerian nor Ghanan scam. It's probbly even for real. The Wall Street Journal link works fine. But it is pure spam. Why did I get it?
Look at the way they spell Wall Street in the subject. And I love the metaphors used.

From: zoraida pea hernandez
Subject: re: Walstreet's Bestbuys

The Next BIG Thing . . . .

Fellow Traders, Did I just get a promotion?

DYNV looks like it's going to be on fire this upcoming week. I think this one is going to open big in Monday trading and surprise the Wall Street traders coming back from the long weekend.

We like green initiatives, who doesn't with gas prices are continuing to climb through the roof! But we LOVE green in our pockets and we know you do too. So let's cut to the chase.

The Next Big Thing is going to make some savvy investors filthy rich!

Dynamic Ventures Corp. (DYNV) is right on the forefront of this new multi-billion dollar industry and is positioned to capitalize on its phenomenal growth market:

Buildings account for around 20% of the energy consumption in America, about the same amount that gets consumed in homes. Making this target market ripe for the picking.

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More than 40,000 commercial and industrial projects have gone through or are in the process of being LEED certified(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), representing 7.9 billion square feet of construction space in 50 states, 117 countries, and growing every day making DYNV a ground floor opportunity.

DYNV recently just signed multiple contracts, rolling out their innovative turnkey LEED building solutions and management believes DYNV is positioned to meet growing demand in 2011.

DYNV expects triple digit growth in 2011!

LEED Green Building Certification solutions are a Multi-Billion Dollar International Market.

LEED is the New Big Thing

Officially Certified Green, LEED solutions, can offer MASSIVE savings and DYNV offers a turnkey solution to custom design, manufacture and install complete LEED certified green structures.

DYNV is as hot and green as a jalapeno!

DYNV is one undervalued green-penny play and hidden gem you don't won't to miss or get left out on. We believe DYNV is currently oversold and we could see an impressive move in its shares from its current level. The company's shares are currently dirt cheap at under $0.10 cents per share and appear to about to be make an EXPLOSIVE BREAKOUT move!

Hurry up, do your research now; then take a position in DYNV before the Wall Street traders hog all the action! DYNV is right at the ground floor of the industry that moving from growth to hyper-growth mode! Schools, Municipalities, Fortune 500 companies, the US government, and 117 other countries are all in on the NEXT BIG THING and you should be too! DYNV gains of 200%, 300%, 400%, even 800% are possible! A $5000 trade in DYNV could be worth as much as $40,000 before Mother's Day! Don't delay, act now!

You want to get in early ahead of the crowd. You can start your research here: