Nigerian Scam Schemes
I don't know where this is from. It may be from from Nigeria or from Ghana, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Argentina, or even the United States.

To: menachem@menachem.coom
Subject: Product Recommended by Huge GAS Discount! Own an Electric-Powered Car now!
From: Huge GAS Discount! Own an Electric-Powered Car now!

Dear Friend,


How would you like to get a huge discount on Gas?

The worlds gasoline reserve is depleting. And whether we like it or not, we will run out of oil supplies.

That's the reasing why the oil prices are always rising each week.

If you need to Save HUGE on Gas, you need to find alternatives.

I dreamed of having an Electric Car before so that I will no longer have to spend Gas.

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However, I don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy one for myself.

But just recently, I found one website that shows me how to convert my car to run on electricity instead of gas.

Here's their website:

After few weeks of following the manual, I was able to have my first converted car and it runs up to 110 Miles with just $1 worth of electricity.

Converting your Vehicle is NOT that hard. With their guide, it's just a matter of patience and eagerness.


Converted Car Owner

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