Nigerian Scam Schemes
This one is not from Nigeria nor Ghana nor anywhere in Africa. It's from the United State of America. But she found me via India and keeps her money in London, England in Great Britain. International for sure!
Her English and grammar leave a lot to be desired.

Subject: Waiting for your response

My Dearest one,

How are you?, i know that this mail may come to you almost a surprise as we never met before but consider this as divine intervention,, before you proceed reading this mail, well i saw your contact email from India chambers of commerce, after much consideration i decided to write you since i cannot be able to see you face to face for now, at first i strongly believed that any information received from the chambers of commerce office is correct and must be trusted. but never mind, My Name is Mrs. Elizabeth Homes, I am 68 Years old from United State of America, I had a Joint business with my Late Husband who died in November 5th 2007 in an Auto Car accident alongside my lovely Daughter while they were traveling to meet me on my birthday. I will never forget that day as I felt the world has come to an end but with Faith i was able to live again.

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As a good business inclined woman, I managed my husband's investments until my present Medical Condition developed. Last year I experience restlessness ,sleepless nights and Feeling weak/tired so my Doctor sent me on a general Medical Checkup which I was finally diagnosed with cancer of the blood (Leukemia). Since i was not able to manage my multiple Investments anymore and the doctors says i will die soon, I sold all and deposited the total of US$11,200.000.00 (Eleven million Two hundred thousand united states dollars) in cash with a Security Vault when I went for trado- medical Treatment in Africa.

I am writing this letter to you because my inner most spirit told that you will not betray my trust in you, and will use the money very well to help those that is in need. i want you to help me and claim the money from the Security Keeking Company and use it for the work of Humanity and to assist the less privileged in the society, motherless baby homes/orphanages, Widows.

I know that my story will sadden your heart but my new found life has made me understand that even if we die in this physical flesh, what matters is life after death,

My condition presently is highly critical and if I die without giving out this information, My heart will not be at peace, I will let you know how to reach to the Security company in London - UK and information on how to Claim the deposited Funds as soon as i have your word and promise not to betray my trust.

Reply to my private emails ( .

Yours faithfuly

Mother Elizabeth Homes.