Patricia's First Correspondence

I received this, my first of many messages from Patricia on 5th January 2011. I am clueless as to who she is or why she chooses to write to me, nor to how many people she [or perhaps he -- anyone can be anyone behind an email address mask] writes. I receive on average 2 or 3 corresponences from her in any given week, often two in a day. I have not attempted to respond nor make contact. I have made some slight editing changes to protect the guilty or the innocent, though I'm not sure there may be any.

Her writing style is quite nice and she certainly isn't stupid or a fool, though perhaps foolish -- but aren't we all a little naive?

Subject: Re: Hello

To Whom It May Concern:

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I have several address books filled with people I knew or met over the years that had something to do with the homeless shelter, social services and mental health systems. I don't know who they really were or what their purpose was or if they really helped me that much or did anyone much good. It was a long time ago. They had more questions than answers or wanted me to help them instead of them helping me like should have occurred. My Mom's friends and spiritual advisers from her church are annoying and I find them rude and intrusive because they seem like they need an education themselves or have more questions than answers themselves and expect me to help them with that instead of the other way around. They added to the chaos especially in this house and made things more difficult and stressful for myself and our cat "Sunny" in my opinion.

Denver has changed and is a bigger city. People change also and whatever happened when we were kids is all in the past now. We are native residents and find adjusting to a changing bigger city frightening and an unnecessary adjustment especially when I can't seem to get on with my life or get outdoors enough to enjoy anything like I used to. My mother is almost 90 and in poor health. I am an only child with few friends, relatives or anyone I can relate to or trust. The hostile neighbors, police, health care and other so called helpful people aren't much help because they have their own problems with employment or just being able to get along and not frighten or intimidate anyone I think. I seem to be the one bouncing off the walls in my own house and can't get outdoors to enjoy my own yard or much else because of that. Bad postings for professionals and spiritual and religious advisors may be traditional or embedded in this part of town ever since Denver was founded in 1865 or 1869. Enough is enough and the truth, reality and a little variety never hurts. As my Dad once said, Denver was an overgrown cow town at one time. It was a place most people passed through on their way to someplace better or a bigger city. No one ever really had a reason to settle down in Denver unless they were on the run from the law or someone or something else.

At one stay at the Samaritan Shelter as I recall they didn't let me have my full 30 or 60 days stay as promised. A counselor of some type talked with me briefly and suggested to me or set me up to get kicked out early and I eventually ended up in DGH Psych Ward again. It shouldn't have been that way and it was a misdiagnosis and the past or my past should have been cleared up by then. He was less than helpful and concerned in my opinion. I was traumatized at the time so I don't remember much or what he really said. That all by itself is unethical and unfair. I don't know his name or what his qualifications were or who he was and I don't know for sure if he knew me but I remember what he looked like. I hope our cat "Sunny" isn't doing time in a cat shelter because I was cheated out of my time as promised at the Samaritan Shelter. Cats & pets are innocent victims more than people.