Patricia's Correspondence

I received this, my fifth message from Patricia on 15th January 2011. For the first time, this email letter is signed by two people,Patty and Margaret. We already know Patricia as 50's something from Colarado. We have so far had no hint of Margaret [Marge Simpson perhaps?], maybe her sister or mothers.

Subject: Re: Hello

To Whom It May Concern:

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I am a fairly good driver and have never had any tickets or problems with being stopped. My Dad and I are similar because he was a good driver also with a clean driving record. Other people then as well as now were jealous because we are pretty good at it and it could be an inherited skill.

We didn't report the break-ins to our other car years ago because we and especially myself were afraid of the cops and neighbors and justice, health and welfare system by that time and for good reasons. We didn't need any more hassle with the crooked security guard force in training or the corrupt Cop Shop that was wrecking havoc at the time. We were living in fear then and was getting worse. I was afraid to talk to anyone or report it or discuss it or do anything about our car being broken into almost nightly by the neighbors or cops who were probably in drug rehab therapy or needed to be. I felt the neighbors were starting to gang up on us because of that and the altercation I had with the other neighbor about the time my mom had to go to the hospital. I was in recovery and adjustment and had just gotten off welfare and subsidized housing and left the corrupt mental health and homeless shelter systems and just wanted to be left alone and in peace and to get on with my life without living in fear and without being harassed but someone else didn't see it that way or didn't get the message. They were sick themselves and it was getting worse or they hadn't been through what I had been through and couldn't relate and weren't very tolerant, nice or respectful.

The situation around here has improved and my mother and I are still in recovery but improving. We still miss our cat "Sunny." He has been the victim of all this so nothing has really improved or changed that much. It still could be a lot better.


Patty and Margaret