Patricia's Correspondence

I received this, my sixth message from Patricia on 17th January 2011. This email letter is signed by two people, Margaret and Patty. We've known Patricia now for a while, as 50's something from Colarado. We met Margaret in the last letter, maybe her sister or mother, but this time Marge is in the lead position.

Subject: Re: Hello

To Whom It May Concern:

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About our family vacation to Universal Studios, we had a home security guy to watch our house while we were away. I still recall what he looked like but I'm not too sure who he really was. The company he worked for was local and in the phonebook. He turned the lights on and off as I recall with timers so it appeared that someone was home. He probably watered and fed our cat and our gerbils we had at the time and watered our lawn and plants and brought in the newspapers every morning so it looked like someone was home. He did a good job as far as that's concerned. We arrived home after our trip and my Dad opened the front door and we saw the security guy lying on our couch dozing or half asleep as I recall. It sort of frightened me and probably my Dad as well. I thought it was a bit unprofessional at the time and maybe my Dad did also. My Dad must have paid him or settled our debt with him and his company successfully because we never used him or his company services again. I don't know if he or his company are still in business but I hope not. That was then and this is now. It was probably a bad or frightening situation years ago and his lack of professionalism could have added to it and should have been a warning sign to my Dad or someone else.

I'm sorry I yelled or said something to the neighbor lady and her kids and friends because they and their social service worker or health care worker support team may have then sought revenge after that and killed our cat "Sunny" [this poor feline seems to terminate and be resurrected throught the narratives]. I'm sorry I snapped, lossed it or blew it. In a way I am within my rights as a human being to do so. It was self-defense and the only appropriate or logical way to handle a situation like that so I have been told. It was still frightening and unnecessarily hard on us.

I never ran away from any group home, place of false incarceration or anywhere else I've been or was placed at. They have me confused with someone else. I never had those type of problems to begin with. If anything I stayed there too long to where it became detrimental to my health and well being. I must have been held hostage there or was forced, coerced or threatened to stay there against my better judgment and freewill. I am an adult and have been for quite some time and have a right to come and go and do whatever I please. I'm sorry other people may not see it that way or have an issue with that or have a need to see it differently but that is their problem not mine.


Margaret and Patty