Patricia's Correspondence

I received this, my seventh message from Patricia on 18th January 2011. This email letter is signed again only by Patty.

Subject: Re: Hello

To Whom It May Concern:

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I was always physically active and healthy and never had any major childhood illnesses. Many people could have been slightly jealous. I took ballet, tap dancing, tumbling, gymnastics, dance and acrobatics classes when I was younger and always succeeded at P.E. [physical education] and gym classes all through out elementary school. I always had a good time playing outside with the neighborhood children even though they weren't very nice. It didn't seem to bother me or anyone then but times have changed. People can and do change as they grow up and get older.

That all changed for the worse when I went to a private all girls school in junior high school. I missed out on or was unfairly taken away from a lot of physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically healthy friends, people and situations. That was very unhealthy, unfair and wrong. I missed out on a lot of normal and basic health and happiness that would have occurred naturally and normally had I attended a public rather than a private school for the most part. It just wasn't my cup of tea. I was taken away from my own neighborhood and placed in an unfamiliar environment that made my natural tendencies towards "Star, Crystal, Indigo, Changeling" personality more intense and unnecessarily out of my control than would have normally occurred. A lot of misunderstandings between myself and the school system and health and physical education systems that are a part of normal teenage years may have occurred when otherwise that never would have happened or it would have turned out differently or more in my favor. It was a long time ago.

My mother's mother had left her money just before she died and apparently my mother was powerless to use the money for another purpose or use it to improve our home situation in general as far as I know. My mom and dad were having their own financial problems because my mom was having a nervous breakdown then also. My dad had just been fired by a long time friend and boss he thought he could trust and that was their excuse why they weren't able to take care of me like they should have or weren't more rational and focused. It was hard on me not having a mother and father all of a sudden or losing them to a major mental and social illness when a few years previously it was just the opposite. My mother was very weak and sickly then also as I recall. I don't think she has made much improvement over the years or it hasn't bothered anyone she has never gotten the help or recovery time she needed either. I feel like I'm still without much of a mother and don't have a very healthy or productive relationship with her even now. Gretchie, her lawyer at the time would know more about that than I would then and now.

I eventually had a nervous breakdown starting at about age 13 and it didn't end until I was on medication and had been in Mt. Logan Mental Hospital and Denver General Hospital psychiatric ward a few times. I never had difficulties with feelings, emotions or emotionality out of control. That has never been in my personality or behavior. I have always been alert, aware, focused, reasonable and rational providing I wasn't too heavily medicated, brainwashed or intimidated by forces outside of my control that I wasn't prepared to deal with or handle or shouldn't have had to deal with at all or in the first place. It was a misdiagnosis, mislabeling or they had me confused with someone else. Dr. Fox agreed it was normal teenage difficulties and I would outgrow it with time.