Patricia's Correspondence

I received this, my twelfth message from Patricia on 28th January 2011. This email letter is signed by Margaret and Patty. Starting from letter 10, the letters have became more verbose and wordy, presenting more information of Patty's life. We're starting to see a fuller picture now. If this continues, we may be able to write a full length biography of Patty. Does this consistency verify Patricia's story.

Subject: Re: Hello

To Whom It May Concern:

Community Technical Skills Center - Letter of Proficiency - December 1991, Welfare to Work Program recommended by Eileen Pine. Osage, Denver, CO.

Training Access - Certificate of Achievement - MS Windows - July 1995.
Youth Employment Services, Arvada, CO, Employment Training Workshop - Budgeting - Sept. 1978.

I attended Emily Griffith Opportunity School (EGOS) for awhile in the early 1980's as well as the late 1970's as I recall. I was staying at the Giles in Commerce City in about 1983 while attending EGOS and I had a part-time job I got through the student employment office at EGOS and was working at the SBBCCOE (State Board of Community Colleges and Occupational Education) which is no longer in business. I was making and saving my own money from that job and had an open bank account at the time. The Giles' didn't ask me for rent or any money since their adult foster care program was through the State of Colorado or Ft. Logan and I had a case manager that checked up on me occasionally while at the Giles and I thought it had been agreed that I was to save money for my own apartment and to continue with my education. Thank goodness they didn't check up on me while I was working or in school. That would have been embarrassing, harassment and hypocritical. The Samaritan Shelter and alternative homelessness system wasn't in operation at that time and there was no welfare to work programs available or no case managers closely following their clients like what occurred not too many years later. Many probably claimed it was an improvement but not for everyone like myself. There were two younger children in foster care at the Giles or they could have been their own niece and nephew. I don't know who they were for sure but I remember what they looked like and sometimes I wonder where they are now and what they are doing or what has become of the Giles. I think their last name was Scoggins or Goggins and their parents had died of cancer or were going through a nasty divorce and were placed there temporarily. I wasn't upset I had to be up and early and out of their house either working, going to school or doing something all day even on the weekends. I was younger, healthier and hadn't been done in thoroughly by the system at that time and probably didn't know as much as I do now. I thought I was doing as I was supposed to do and trying to get my life back on track again. It may have taken it's toll on me and I became tired and exhausted after awhile and still was dealing with PTSD, shock and trauma and adjustment difficulties but it's no wonder. I moved back home again of my own free will and lived with my parents for awhile before I couldn't take it any longer and my Dad became hostile and frightening to where he sort of ran me off and I had to move in with my Mom's best friend and neighbor for a few years ending in 1988 or 1989 when she and her defrocked spiritual counselor friend dropped me off at the Samaritan Shelter unexpectedly and without warning while my Mom and Dad were in Wyoming attending the funeral of my mother's aunt or cousin. When they got back to Denver the neighbor lady friend told my parents what she had done but didn't tell them where I was at exactly. She said I was in a safe place whatever that means and no it wasn't in a safe and healthy place to thrive, recover and survive or not for very long no matter what she was told or what she told my parents. My Dad died that same year I think but I'm not too sure and I wasn't allowed to attend his funeral.

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Our dog "Lady" died of old age while I was at the Giles and I'm sorry I missed out on her later years. It is unfortunate I wasn't more successful at that or someone in the health care system could have been jealous that I was doing so well or had potential to succeed and eventually get myself out of there and their health care theories were then seen as invalid or unjustified. They probably were wondering what I was doing back in the system again in general and I wondered that myself many times. My Dad said to stick with it or stay the course and I was still afraid of him and didn't particularly like him at the time. Rachelle Henderson in Grand Junction said there was nothing wrong with me but apparently told my parents something entirely different and myself and other counselors something else entirely different also. That happened quite a bit as I recall and even more recently around 2000-2003 when I was taken to Centennial Peaks Hospital in Louisville, CO about the same time I had the altercation on our front lawn with one of our neighbors and the police and paramedics showed up to question and doubt me and my mother and not the neighbor who falsely accused us and who instigated that whole incident. The doctors at Centennial Peaks said there was nothing wrong with me yet still gave me medication and another diagnosis and that didn't make any sense. They gave my mother, other counselors and whoever else asked or had a need to know an entirely different story also. Every time that happened I was still the one who was left in the dark or in harms way and had the rug pulled out from under them or became the victim again. Nothing was ever resolved and bad things continued to happen to me after that. I'm still suffering from the aftermath of that and have to go it all alone mostly.

I have several certificates of completion in typing and office skills from EGOS. That is about the only proof of completion of anything outside of a high school certificate from Pace Alternative High School I ever received. Word processing and computer science was a new school course at EGOS in those days but I didn't have the time, energy or money to continue on or my case manager thought I shouldn't for some reason. I never continued with word processing or computers and I never got a permanent job out of it. The world of work was changing dramatically then especially for women but some of the obstacles I had to deal with and overcome were entirely unnecessary and uncalled for. I met other women who were there for word processing but I don't know if they ever received a permanent full-time job after they graduated. Many people worked part-time jobs even several p/t jobs or had other occupations as well as I recall.

Margaret and Patty