Patricia's Correspondence

I received this, my thirteenth message from Patricia on 1st February 2011. This email letter is signed by Patty A and Margaret B. Starting from letter 10, the letters have became more verbose and wordy, presenting more information of Patty's life. We're starting to see a fuller picture now. If this continues, we may be able to write a full length biography of Patty. Does this consistency verify Patricia's story.

Subject: Re: Hello

To Whom It May Concern:

I may have been caught in an "anchor roommate" scheme that first year. It may have helped the on and off campus counselors & youth authorities keep better records or keep track of people and students who weren't their real clients or who never requested that type of help in the first place. They may have had misguided and misplaced concern for students that they weren't supposed to be targeting and monitoring in the first place. I doubt it did myself and a lot of other people much good. It may have helped the R.A.'s look like they were doing a better job than they really were. It was a trap or snare set up to accomplish the goals of someone else and not very helpful to college students themselves who just wanted to study and live in peace. I was the one who ended up getting held back the most or lost out on a normal college experience the most without myself or my parents being aware of what was happening or why. I ended up back where I started in less than three years without completing a college degree in anything and without ever being aware of someone else's need to play musical chairs with the roommate and housing situation mainly for their benefit and not mine. My roommate that first year and several roommates after that may have had problems no one was aware of also but I got stuck with the most repercussions. We all have problems and need help occasionally some more than others. Some suffer or lose out on life in general more than others because of that.

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It should have had nothing to do with statistics as it pertained to Business, Accounting or Travel and Tourism courses as part of a Business Degree. Certain people could have tried to misuse their knowledge of statistics courses for their own benefit or because they were misguided or given bad advice and there may have been something in it for them such as a reduced rate apartment they shouldn't have had at all or a good job reference for the next summer working in the health care services industry when that wasn't even their major area of study.

Mesa State College in G.J. in those days didn't have computers and offered no degree in computer sciences. Computer classes started being offered in late 1982. Other students may have switched majors or added a minor in computer science and remained in the dorms or off campus housing to complete a second or third degree. They may have had the money, time, health and better living arrangements to do that whereas I didn't or wasn't allowed to. Mesa College didn't offer degrees in counseling, medical or mental health sciences at that time just Nursing. I'm sure it has changed by now.

Statistics shouldn't have been used as a tool to harm and label. The applied mathematical study of statistics should have been confined to Accounting, Travel & Tourism and Business and perhaps Nursing courses and should have not been confused, mixed up or used for other intentions and purposes. The Nursing curriculum had a different meaning and purpose for the study of statistics similar to sociology & psychology that probably wasn't made very clear or wasn't made separate.

Mathematical statistics courses in college are far different from applied statistics used to manipulate and control sociological outcomes of life and death or a better quality of life. Not everyone was ethically qualified or capable to separate it out and get it right and may not have seen any harm in that. I had been there done that by that time and was more familiar with the harm and damage it can do and what it had already done to myself and family and friends in Denver. Demographics, polls and question and answers designed to label, pigeon hole and stigmatize certain populations for whatever reason shouldn't have been taken seriously or used as experimental research on those like myself that had a existing health records and had already suffered greatly because of misguided use of statistics.

I didn't need anyone especially my peers being overly concerned or worried "I would become just another statistic" in the health and human services welfare case load unless they knew something I didn't. Been there done that so they were the ones who were a little behind the times not me. Whoever kept saying that about me at college didn't even know me and I obviously didn't know them that well either. I didn't appreciate them getting so emotionally attached and involved concerning my happiness and future. They are the ones who had emotional problems and other issues about their own identity and social skills. Not everyone was majoring in the health sciences or didn't want to and it should have been their own choice.

There may have been other problems with on vs. off campus housing and which students should be living where and why especially during the summer months and vacation time as I recall. I and another dorm mate tried to share an off campus apartment in the summer of 1982. I had a job working at the local high school cafeteria but it didn't last long for some reason. The apartment lease had been signed for the entire summer and my parents paid for and agreed to that so I thought it was all taken care of. I wanted to take summer classes also but it never worked out. I ended up without a summer job fairly quickly but my roommate had a job landscaping for the city of Grand Junction for the whole summer. I returned to Denver early and she and I weren't getting along very well in general I thought. I returned to Mesa College by myself on the bus that September or I may have had a ride with another student who lives not too far from my home in Denver. I always took the bus if I had to return to Denver for whatever reason or on the weekends or holidays. No one offered me a ride in their car if they were going that way even if they were from Denver. I thought that was a little odd or unfriendly at the time but in a way I was glad to be on my own and do it myself.

Problems associated with roommates and landlords cheating one another out of rent and space in general has probably been resolved in later years because of HUD and Section 8 Housing that is more widely available and well known even in a small town like Grand Junction. It was never about larger city urban problems in that case. It makes small town problems and small towns in general appear to be street wise and citified with problems and solutions like bigger cities but it's a false claim and exaggerated. My Dad was an actual "street wise" tough that grew up around a rough and lower class uneducated family and lower class lifestyle that encouraged rage, anger, hatred and violence. I may have benefited from his knowledge of what he knew and learned or someone thought I did or should have but there are other opinions about that as well.

I returned to my old room after Christmas vacation of 1982 with yet another roommate. She was the last one and the one and with the most problems and bad reputation so I heard. She said she was well known on the Western Slope as a troublemaker. I thought she mentioned she also was in counseling and had problems with her parents and problems with the police and juvenile authorities as a teenager. She wasn't very nice or honest or became dishonest and less kind as the semester progressed I thought. She may have been under the influence of bad advice and brainwashing. In all my many years previously of bad advice, brainwashing and bad counseling I never acted the way she did or got away with the things she did and still be highly functioning enough to attend college, study and get good grades. I was on a lot of medication then and was afraid of passing out which I had done several times by that time because of too much medication or the wrong type and not being monitored correctly while on medication. It affected my eyesight and ability to focus and concentrate so I couldn't to study and read well. I never had a pre-existing condition of inability to focus, concentrate, study or read like what may have been part of the problem at Columbine High School in 1999. I was always good at school until I had a nervous breakdown at 11 or 12 years of age and was still in recovery from that. The real reason behind hospitalization, medication and the bad and misleading advice that followed never addressed the real reason I ended up like that in the first place. The real reason was totally ignored, forgotten or swept under the rug by that time and I was the real victim.

It may have been my roommate, her siblings and other friends and clients of MHCD that made everything so awful I decided to quit earlier than expected. What she and her friends knew combined with my own problems they shouldn't have been getting into could have sealed my fate without me even being aware of anything that was happening or about to happen. She and her siblings, other friends and I had some happier times as I recall before it all became worse for me. Our auto mechanic whom we thought was very helpful, friendly and honest became less honest and less friendly as the years progressed also. We have since replaced him with someone more honest and reputable. Sincerely,

Patty A and Margaret B