Patricia's Correspondence

I received this, my seventeenth message from Patricia on 9th February 2011. This email letter is signed by Patty A and Margaret B with only Margaret's email in the signature but Patty's in the sender field. Starting from letter 10, the letters have became more verbose and wordy, presenting more information of Patty's life. We're starting to see a fuller picture now. If this continues, we may be able to write a full length biography of Patty. Does this consistency verify Patricia's story. Or are her pets showing some ambiguity?

Subject: Re: Hello

To Whom It May Concern:

As I recall I did get a ride from the woman who was supposed to have been my apartment roommate in the summer of 1982 and who failed to give me a ride back to Denver in the Blizzard of 1982 once but I can't remember when or why. She and another of her friends dropped my school books off at our house once or they may have met me there. She or they managed to find our house that one time and came in the front door to drop off the books. She may have heard rumors from someone at Mesa College about the "Make My Day, Ethnic Intimidation" shooting at Teikyo-Loretto Heights that occurred not long before that and wanted to check it out or see what would happen if she found my house just as a joke or to stir up trouble. She or someone apparently got their wish in years later starting in about 2000 when I moved back home again. That shouldn't have happened then or at all and it was a long time ago. That could have been another reason I shouldn't have gone off to college. It was too soon after that incident for me or anyone to assume everything had been forgotten and everything was all right. I was still a little out of it then but maybe my Dad and other parents around here saw it or knew differently. Kids being kids and some worse than others are bound to stir up trouble and I could have been caught in the middle of it again when I had gotten over that or was still working on it.

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The other woman in the dorms with her own car who eventually gave me a ride back to Denver that snowy December said she had juvenile arthritis in her foot that left her disabled and with a limp. That didn't prevent her from driving her car and being more sympathetic towards my plight in the dorms and on campus and friendlier towards me whereas the other woman and the R.A.'s were unkind, unfriendly or not as experienced at dealing with people their own age who were in recovery or who had obstacles and challenges in life to overcome. I liked her better and thought we would have made better friends someday but I never saw her after I had to suddenly leave the dorms the following semester. She may have had a physical handicap disability but managed to function and keep up with student life OK and without complaints from anyone as far as I know. NAMII and the ADA wasn't around or enforced in those days but was beginning to be forced upon everyone whether they wanted it or needed it and even if they didn't fall into that category and didn't know the first thing about it. I may have been the suspicious unknown factor with a past mental health history someone thought they should delve into or they should use me as an example. The ADA and NAMII didn't get off the ground until the late 1980's or early 1990's when I became homeless and was living downtown and got involved with MHCD, welfare and Section 8 Housing. I hope I wasn't being used as a tool or pawn of someone else in those days or maybe it was just a coincidence all that began to happen about the same time I ended up there. I never agreed to jump on someone else's bandwagon for social injustice causes or to be used as a tool for positive social change and progress. I was a victim of it all rather than knowledgeable, educated or knew what I was doing and why and I certainly never agreed to any of it. If I had my way I would have stayed in school and lived in off campus apartments, got a degree and moved back to Denver of my own free will and got a job and got on with my life and had a more normal life.

I was always a champion of wildlife and animal rights not the mentally ill or social derelicts. I had grown up and around mental patients and the socially ill most of my life and had been tremendously victimized by them. My own parents were like that or almost so I wouldn't have wanted anything to do with that anyways. I would have rather championed the rights of cats and dogs or migrant farm workers in Mexico than the homeless or mentally ill.

The on and off campus parties thrown by the fraternities and sororities were well organized and without incident. There were off campus drinking establishments in Grand Junction designed to attract college age crowds that I and a few other dorm friends went to on Friday and Saturday nights. We had a good time and without incident and we all managed to get back to the dorms safely but times and people have changed so it may not be as safe to do that these days as it was then. The fraternities and sororities or the college had beginning and ending of the year outdoor parties with food and entertainment that broke the monotony of studying. I never attended any of those events because I felt a little socially isolated and afraid because of my ongoing problems and past history know one knew about and never suspected. I attended a lot of on and off campus beer drinking parties without incident and felt comfortable doing that but it may have caused someone else to be alarmed or concerned and why I don't know. It should have been none of their business and they weren't qualified professionals in anything. I was told I was just acting like any other normal college kid my age but with a little more experience and knowledge than others. It may have been a continuation of the parties and more adult activities I had been involved with in Denver in the previous years. I felt familiar and comfortable with that but if that caused someone to be alarmed, jealous or suspicious that should have been their problem not mine. It may have been their religion that caused them to overreact or not treat me very fairly. I thought the Iranian students and their religion I knew in Denver were still in Denver or had moved on and we had gone our separate ways. I never had problems with alcoholism, smoking or odd behavior then now or ever. They had me confused with someone else.

Patty A. and Margaret B.