Patricia's Correspondence

I received this, my twentieth message from Patricia, the first of two on 12th February, 2011. This email letter is signed by Patty A and Margaret B with only Patty's email in the sender field and in the signature. It's a little longer than last shorties -- we've had longer letters before.

Subject: RE: hello


There was a mix up in medical records, first responders and transportation when I was sent to Centennial Peaks Hospital in Boulder without warning or just cause in about 2001 when I had the altercation with one of the neighbors on our front lawn. I was delayed and transferred at St. Luke's/Presbyterian and St. Anthony's and was isolated in an observation or holding room temporarily at St. Luke's/Presbyterian for some reason. I thought they were waiting to confirm my arrival at Centennial Peaks Hospital because it was late at night but I could have been wrong.

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They had no reason to hold me there even temporarily when the decision to send me to Centennial Peaks had already been decided without permission or consent from neither my mother nor I nor anyone else with legitimate power, trust and authority. The cops and corrupt first responders and neighbors and their supporters had already decided my fate before hand so there was no reason for so called legitimate delays or transfers. Nothing up until that point and for several years previously had been legitimate, legal or in my best interests or with my permission and consent so it was a continuance of the same lack of professionalism and corruption I had been used to. They and especially our neighbors had no real reason to wield their reputation in the neighborhood or use intimidation, scare tactics and plain lies against to do that to me other than they were sick and mentally impaired instead of me. They probably needed to trip to a mental hospital or time well spend in the back of a cop car and ambulance and not me for once. They didn't know myself, my mother or our predicament or what I had been through for 20 years or more and it was none of their business anyways. They deliberately and intentionally chose to ignore right, wrong, common sense, reason and compassion. They claimed I knew them and they knew me but they were the ones who were in error about that not myself or my mother. They obviously weren't very trustworthy or reliable whatever their problem was. None of the neighbors or their friends are qualified to wield whatever power, trust and authority they have against me or anyone because I never did anything wrong and they are too sick, hateful and corrupt to be qualified at anything.

The technician who was observing or watching me or guarding me in that room that night looked familiar. He looked like a neighborhood kid I grew up with that lived down the street. He apparently had difficulties growing up because he was gay. My father was aware of that and the conflicts it may have created with other neighborhood children including myself and other children around the neighborhood I went to school with. We later learned his father was a therapist on the adolescent unit at Ft. Logan Mental Hospital all those years. My Dad found it difficult to accept why his father couldn't have done something about his sons problems with homosexuality and done something about other problems it created in the neighborhood and with us and other people. If he was a qualified therapist he should have at least known about his own son and apparently he didn't.

The technician may have thought he was preventing me from running away when he a few others knew I had no prior problems with that and if I did it should have been expunged with other juvenile records when I reached 18. That incident at Ft. Logan that his father knew about was a long time in the past by that time and he knew the reasons and circumstances surrounding that incident and it should have all been cleared up and in the past. It had nothing to do with what had just happened with the neighbors on our front lawn and our neighbors he and his father knew also from when they used to live here unless they had some sort of deal and knew where he worked and that he could do them a favor if asked or was pressured into it. I should have never been held in isolation or confinement because I had problems with being introverted and had adolescent adjustment difficulties and was isolating in my room too much when I was 12 or 13 until it made me sick and added to my nervous breakdown. I had to be removed from my home for failure to thrive and was sent to Ft. Logan's adolescent unit. That technician and his father knew that also even though it should have been long in the past. It was all very unfair, corrupt and unethical. It was a long time ago and they were the ones still in the past that refused to forget all that and move along. He never said much to me or spoke and I never said anything to him either. He recognized who I was and I confirmed who he was but that was all that was said. I thought that was rather cruel and unusual punishment and showed little professionalism or compassion. If he knew what was really going on or what had happened to me I thought he would have been kinder or nicer or at least acknowledged me in a more helpful way but that never happened.

Patty A and Margaret B