Interesting Stories from Unwanted and Junk E-mails
including Nigerian scams and other uninteresting rantings from unknown sources

I receive a lot of emails daily. Most if it is correspondence in which I want to be involved and have an interest in receiving. Much of it is what is commonly called spam, based on Monty Python's famous, pre-Internet skit, spam, spam and more spam.

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While most of it is just advertising material, selling everything and anything from enhancements to health foods to toys, some if it is, well just text, narration, stories, chronicles, reports, histories and general statements of fact and fiction -- nothing is apparently or obviously concealed or suppressed. Some is boring, some is exciting. I don't have time to read it all nor much intention to do so. It comes from all around the world: inheritances from long lost relatives in Nigeria, Cyprus and now Japan; hard luck cases from the United States and almost any variation you could imagine. Mush of it is not even asking for anything I can see.

In order to share this you, not to rob the authors of an audience and for archival purposes, I have decided to share this wonderful prose with you, my loyal readership.

Enjoy it, ignore it -- share it or discard it -- this is my public service to publish unknowns, who may be lost and hapless, to the world at large.

Have fun and have a fun day.

I have divided these into different groupings:

Nigerian Scams

So called because in pre Internet these arrived in the post (what we now call snail mail) with postmarked brightly coloured Nigerian stamps. I used to receive three or four each year at my office in downtown Jerusalem. With internet they have simply found a cheaper and wider method of delivery.

Patty's Specials

I received my first message from Patricia on 5th January this year [2011]. I am clueless as to who she is or why she chooses to write to me, nor to how many people she [or perhaps he -- anyone can be anyone behind an email address mask] writes. I receive on average 2 or 3 corresponences from her in any given week, often two in a day. I have not attempted to respond nor make contact. Should I?

Other Items of Interest

Prose that fits in none of the above catagories but is none-the-less interesting and worthy of archive/

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